The KT Bush Band includes original members of the 1977 outfit, Brian Bath and Vic King, as well as new members Jodie May, Steve Bevan and Emily Francis.


Guitar & Vocals

Back in 1977 schoolmates Brian Bath, Vic King and Del Palmer put their band “Tame” back together as suggested by Kate Bush’s Dad, “Pa Bush”. The KT Bush Band, thus named by Vic, was born.  

Brian’s work features on albums and singles such as “Wow”, “Babooshka” and ”Never Forever”, he plays lead on “The Wedding List” and also soloed on “Pull out the Pin” to David Gilmour’s haunting vocals.

Brian can be seen performing with Kate Bush in TV shows, videos, and on the ‘TheTour of Life’ show. He is a session musician, songwriter, arranger, cartoonist and illustrator.



Drummer Vic King was responsible for naming and forming the original KT Bush band with 18 year old Kate Bush and Brian Bath in 1977. The pair performed with Kate in her very first performances in venues across London such a The Rose of Lee, and the infamous Half moon in Putney.

Vic features in rare footage of the early years and you’ll often see his name mentioned in Kate Bush biographies. Since then Vic has performed regularly with a huge array of musicians and bands, one of which is good friend Brian Bath.

Throughout the years the pair often toyed with recreating the nostalgia of the early years - and after 39 years they finally did it!


Lead Vocals

Jodie May has often been compared to forward-thinking artists like Kate Bush for the strength of her songwriting and for her eclectic vocal sound. As a solo artist, her first EP ”Tattoo” was made with legendary British producer Jon Kelly - who you might recognise as producer of Kate Bush’s great albums “Lionheart” and “Never Forever.” Jodie is now back in the studio with Jon Kelly, recording her long-awaited next album which is due for release later this year.

When she is not writing or recording, Jodie is busy penning songs for other artists, such as number one hit record “Falling” for American Idol finalist John Park.


Bass & Vocals

Having Jazz pianist George Shearing as a close relative was always going to ensure Steve had a good musical eduction

His love of classical and jazz led to a proficiency on classical guitar which helped shape Steves unique fluent melodic style on bass and dexterity on the fiendishly tiny fretboard of the mandolin.

Steve has worked alongside Vic and Brian for sometime and now brings his love of great bass lines to the music of Kate Bush. 


Keyboard & Vocals

Emily Francis is a talented pianist and keyboardist, who when not accompanying The KT Bush Band, works in a variety of different musical situations as a session musician and also runs her own jazz group the Emily Francis Trio. 

Having been brought up on a heavy dose of 70’s & 80’s music, Emily loves being part of a group that gives her the opportunity to explore using those amazing sounds and recreating classic synth lines in songs such as Babooshka and Running Up That Hill. Not to mention some broken glass thrown in for good measure!