MOJO Magazine Feature 4th December 2016

The KT Bush Band is featured in the October 2016 edition of MOJO Magazine. Vic King was interviewed about the re-incarnated band, how it all happened, and what plans are afoot for the future.  The band’s 15th September performance at The Half Moon in Putney happily coincides with an exhibition of Kate Bush photography by Guido Harare at the Art Bermondsey Project Space from 13th to 30th so a great day can be had by visiting the exhibition and rounding it off with a special gig!

The KT Bush Band - Mojo Mag


A big thanks to everyone for their feedback and support.

Thank you for a wonderful evening at the Half Moon in Putney. The band were fantastic, especially the amazing guitar work of Brian Bath and the superb vocals of Jodie May!

David Butler

Your version of Wuthering Heights took me completely by surprise. It was beautiful.

Fitzy Fitzy

You were amazing, will definitely come and see you again.

Ian Crowther

It was a great gig. Thought the arrangements were spectacular. It was great to hear those songs sung by someone who isn’t attempting an impersonation but who still has Kate’s range and a great voice of her own. I really, really enjoyed it. Ran Before The Dawn a close second. Honestly.

Steve Berry

Great gig last night. I hope to see you up in Edinburgh sometime!

Nicholas Paul

They smashed through song after song … In terms of seeing a first class band with a first class singer playing some first class songs, you won’t see anything better.

R G Rankine

It was a great, GREAT concert. I came all the way from Brazil to it and it didn’t let me down. I’m very happy you all took the time to make some people’s dreams come true.

Leonardo Neves Almeida


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